So for both of us, getting the support of a sponsor for the Mongol Rally has never been a priority. Getting to Mongolia, alive, and with Judith, our 17-year-old Nissan Micra, has been our focus.

But, we’ve got some great news! We’re pleased to announce that Nissan Retail Group have joined forces with Team RendezvoUde, in order to support our mission to Mongolia, and also the great cause that is Cool Earth.

Nissan Retail Group, with dealerships in Birmingham, Bolton, Leicester, Liverpool , London and Wirral, are supporting our mammoth journey on the Mongol Rally by donating their mechanical know-how and a contribution to our charity. They’ll be covering our journey as we go, as well as putting us both through our paces on a weekend mechanics course!

George finally gets a bit of one-on-one time with our gal.

After George’s pistachio incident, (an aggressive episode a shell-chucking that led to heating system nut-integration), we’re excited to boiler-suit up and get our hands dirty with Judith’s core components (steady-on!).

We’re under the two-month mark now before we head out on the Mongol Rally, so it’s all hands on deck in preparation! Jonny’s placed his order of shorts and tank-tops on ASOS, and George has started to stitch the Velcro to our Priscilla Queen of the Desert cape. We’ve got all but two visas, and George now knows what a spark plug is.

Stay tuned for the next update, as we get up close and personal with Judith’s inner-workings!

Not donated yet? Come on – hurry up!

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Team RendezvUde, otherwise known as George and Jonny Goes Wild, are proudly sponsored by the Nissan Retail Group. For more information, visit