Judith, formally owned by Doreen – an 86 year-old who only gave up the car she bought from new due to poor eyesight, is now owned by me and George and will be a sturdy third team member in our adventure on the Mongol rally. Here are four things you need to know about her.

Resting Bitch Face

Resting-bitch-face’, or RBF for short, is apparently my expression whilst on a night out as the idiot boozers around elbow and nudge me around on the dance-floor. Judith, she has RBF – meaning she’s always got the expression of being on the edge, ready to give that extra grunt when we most need it. Her headlights stare like daggers, her doors flap open in a rage on loose hinges, and when George tries to drive her, she lets out an almighty roar. 

Small but Mighty

Although no more than 998c she’s got some oomph in her when you put your foot down. Running on nothing more than fumes – her combination of efficiency and might will stand us in good stead.  She struggles with hills a little, but we are working on it.

One of the key rules of the Mongol Rally is that the car shouldn’t be more than 1.2litres in size. Raising money for CoolEarth, it would be pretty contradictory to race across the world in a gas-guzzling monster. Judith is just the right, eco-friendly-ish size.

Young at heart

Like us all Judith has had a few scuffs and scrapes. Despite some very minor exterior wrinkles, inside she’s solid. Flying through a MOT last month, her engine purrs, and with just 39,000 miles on her ticker, she has a long life ahead!

Judith was born in 2001 – the year of the snake in the Chinese calendar. While we’re not driving into China, it’s nice to see that ‘Snakes’ are considered the most enigmatic Chinese animal, ‘determined to accomplish their goals and who hate to fail’.

Nice and Roomy

Judith has always been a dainty lass, but it doesn’t mean she’s a tight squeeze – oh no! A high roof allows for lots of visibility through the windows to spot galloping horses in Mongolia getting in our way, gun-wielding highwaymen in Turkey, or friendly Iranians welcoming us for supper at their homes. She’s also got a great body, quite easily able to support a little extra weight at the top with a bit of cosmetic surgery. We’ll be mounting our roof rack and loading it with the spares and repair kits essential for making it all the way.

Judith’s first trip will be up to Nottingham to see Uncle Darren for a bit of TLC, ahead of the Mongol Rally starting in July – nothing major of course but we’ll give her a set of new tyres, a bit of undercarriage protection, and possibly some go-faster stripes!

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