After almost six months of planning, we have now confirmed our Mongol Rally route – which will see us visit 21 countries in total. Living in the UK we’ve had a slightly easier time with Visas, but the likes of Iran and Russia are still proving tricky. We’re now 90% sure that this Mongol route will remain, but if at the last minute we can’t get a visa for any reason it may change! See the route here >

The most exciting part of our route to Mongolia for both me and George is without a doubt Iran. The visa for Iran requires us to have a guide arranged in advance, and provide this information along with our visa submission. Tricky bit at the moment is that there are presidential elections going on and we risk the case that authorities may not actually issue authorization codes (needed in the first place to get the visa) prior to the election – or in close proximity to it! We’re working with a group of other ralliers to form a convey which will travel through Iran as a unit – hopefully reducing cost. Fingers crossed it goes to plan!

Mongol Rally Route: Inclusion of the Pamir Highway

The standard visa to enter Tajikistan does not include much of the east of Tajikistan. The famous and prolifically beautiful area in the east is excluded from the standard application, and so we need to apply for an extra element –  a Tajikistan Visa inclusive of GBAO (Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region). It’s probably the best decision we’ve made so far, and while it will take us far out of our way, it should be a brilliant experience. The image at the top of this page (kvitlauk) is part of this highway on which we will travel. Highway – perhaps being the wrong word.

Day by Day Mongol Rally Route – Which Highly Unlikely to Happen

16th July London > Belgium
17th July Germany – Heidelberg for a party)
18th July Czech Republic
19th July Hungary
20th July Romania
21st July Romania
22nd July Romania
23rd July Bulgaria
24th July Turkey
25th July Turkey
26th July Turkey
27th July Turkey
28th July Turkey
29th July Georgia
30th July Armenia
31st July Iran
1st August Iran
2nd August Iran
3rd August Iran
4th August Turkmenistan
5th August Turkmenistan (Gates to hell)
6th August Turkmenistan
7th August Uzbekistan
8th August Uzbekistan
9th August Uzbekistan
10th August Tajikistan
11th August Tajikistan (Pamir Highway)
12th August Tajikistan (Pamir Highway)
13th August Tajikistan(Pamir Highway)
14th August Kyrgyzstan
15th August Kyrgyzstan
16th August Kyrgyzstan
17th August Kazakhstan
18th August Kazakhstan
19th August Kazakhstan
20th August Kazakhstan
21st August Kazakhstan
22nd August Russia
23rd August Russia
24th August Mongolia
25th August Mongolia
26th August Mongolia
27th August Russia
28th August Russia
29th August Ulan Ude > London