India’s weather varies extremely throughout the year, but February and March are considered the best time to visit India. Every guide will probably tell you a something slightly different, but the key thing to note is that monsoon season is particularly aggressive. At the height of the monsoon season, especially in the north-west, jungle areas of the country, flooding, landslides and entire valleys being cut off are not rare.

Rainfall is at its most prominent between May and August, with the peak of monsoon season being in June. I visited in May and we didn’t get any rain at all – but this is rare. November to April is the official tourist season, but as with all my destination advice, visit at the early start or late end for the best experience. Early November, or April is my recommendation.

Best time to visit India for the Golden Triangle

Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are in the north of the country. For good heat that doesn’t scold visit around February or March (May for me was just a bit too hot). Past May and you’ll be looking at temperatures hitting over 40 degrees. In the evening in December and January though it can get pretty foggy and cold.

Best time to visit India for Culture

In January there are lots of colour celebrations such as the Kite Festival in Gujarat and Bikanar Camel Festival which takes place in Rajastan. On the national Republic Day (26 January) the whole country comes alive with celebrations and has a wonderful atmosphere. HIndia’s Holi Festival typically takes place towards the end of March and is perhaps the best-known celebration of them all – mainly due to the throwing of powder paint.

Best time to visit India for hiking in southern India

Kerala in the south of India tends to get even hotter with it being closer to the equator. February or March is the best time to visit India for hiking – you’ll want to avoid July and August and the monsoon period

Best time to visit India for Tigers and Safari

The tigers like it hot and so the best time to visit India to see them is just on the cusp of the monsoon season. April and May should give you the best wildlife sightseeings

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This particular experience was part of a wider journey, starting in Delhi and Ending in Mumbai. During the trip, I stayed in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai and Goa. Flights cost from around £400 – though if you’re on a reall budget go indirect – [eafl id=”1645″ name=”Expedia India Flights” text=”search for flights here >”]

Hotel Accommodation In India: Reviews

metropolitan-hotel_delhiDelhi: [eafl id=”1640″ name=”The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa New Delhi” text=”The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa New Delhi”]
Perfectly comfy but don’t arrive early! We were an hour early and asked if we could check in early – which don’t go down very well. This is nicely located though close to the old town area, and short tuk-tuk rides to the top attractions such as the Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb and Lodi gardens. 

grand-imperial-agraAgra: [eafl id=”1641″ name=”The Grand Imperial Hotel.” text=”The Grand Imperial Hotel”]
My favourite hotel along the entire journey, this hotel is an old colonial building with original wooden doors and beautiful architecture. Being low season we were upgraded to a suite and what a suite it was! 

Jaipur: [eafl id=”1643″ name=”Jaipur Marriott Hotel” text=”Jaipur Marriott Hotel”]
A relatively fleeting visit as we head out on Safari to the Rathanborne National Park – however, this gave us a quick glimpse of luxury after travelling on the trains. Sweet talking the lovely lady on reception we got a room upgrade and free airport transfers! India in low season isn’t all that bad!

Mumbai: Ibis Mumbai Airport
Notice I have not put a link! This was the worst experience in the whole trip. Damp bed-sheets, our rooms were ready – at 10pm!!!! They have overbooked so we had to have twin rooms not single. If you know of a good hotel in Mumbai please mention it in the comments! [eafl id=”1644″ name=”Hotels in Mumbai” text=”Click here”]  for other hotels options in Mumbai. 

viator-ranthambore-safariRanthambore Safari

From Japiur we organised a two-day safari to Ranthambore National Park. The Tigers here are the biggest pull but there is such a diverse amount of wildlife in the park I’d urge you to go with an open mind – and not solely focus on the Tiger else you may be disappointed. You can find a range of tours [eafl id=”1642″ name=”Viator India Safair” text=”here on Viator”] .

Trains in India

All of our trains were booked through – one of the easiest ways to book Indian train tickets.

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