The Cote D’Azur region of southern France is a hotspot for Europeans seeking continental rays. Getting car hire in Nice, or even the surrounding areas of Antibes and Cannes is super-tempting, as coastal roads and meandering hill-tracks appeal to the explorer within us.

Hertz, Europcar and Sixt are the major players in this region, as well as local outfits who, whilst sometimes a little cheaper, can be less reassuring. Many online comparison websites will point you in their direction too. But, if you’re not wanting to go long distances or keep the car for an extended period of time, car hire in Nice – but more specifically, hiring an electric Auto Bleu car – is your solution!

Nice Auto Bleu – Electric cars: Car Hire in Nice

Auto Bleu is a pay-per-minute car hire service operated by the tourism board in Nice. There’s a membership fee of €24, but unlike usual schemes where the young get penalised, if you’re under 26 years old then it’s just €1, PLUS, you account is loaded with €23 Euros to Spend.

Auto Bleu Prices

If you’re thinking of getting car hire in Nice but won’t be going far, the Auto Bleu will likely work out cheaper. Remember, these are electric cars and so you’re also not paying for fuel!

There are two options of rental. Zen or Flex.

ZEN (choose this one): When you pick-up and drop-off your car at the SAME location. This option costs €0.10 per minute.

FLEX: When you will pick up and drop your car off at DIFFERENT locations. This option costs €0.22 per minute.

You will need to pre-book your vehicle via the app – which is pretty easy to do.

The cost of your Auto Bleu will be shown to you at the time of booking, but will also be sent to you by email once you have completed your journey. You will be charged once for all journeys at the end of the month.

Auto Bleu Nice

Setting up your Auto Bleu

All you need is your driving license and a credit card (with €300 available). It doesn’t matter if your address isn’t in France. The application can be made online but for tourists it’s best done in person at the Transport Office – 17 Avenue Thiers, 06000 Nice. It takes around 20 minutes.

Booking your Auto Blue

Renting your car in Nice, well, your cool and nippy electric Auto Bleu, is now super simple. Log into the app (search for Auto Bleu). You’ll need your email and 4-digit access code. Then, follow the onscreen instructions!

It’s always worth booking your car for a little longer than you need. You do get fined if you bring it back late!!! Even if you are just a few minutes over the time you will find yourself with quite an inappropriate fine!

Car hire in Nice locations

Charging Your Auto Bleu and Battery Life

When arranging car hire in Nice, or anywhere abroad, your usual concern is where to find a petrol station. However, with an Electric Auto Bleu,  your concern is charge points. The Zoe Car can do around 140km on one charge and the Peugoet around 100km (the two types of car available). From Nice this will get you to Cannes and back (easily) and the same to Monaco. But, if you visit you can see a full list of charging points. Charging is free, you just pay for the parking as usual. Whilst you may not need to charge, topping up does give you extra piece of mind.


Need to get to the airport for an evening flight? Get the stress of the travel out of the way in the day – get a bus from the city to the airport. Then, go and find your Auto Bleu nearby and head out for an adventure! Then when you return, you’re already at the airport.

Travel Resources

Auto Bleu Website:
Find your nearest electric car charging points:

Not got your flights yet? Getting to Nice from the UK is really easy. Flights start from around £40. Search for flights here >

Accommodation in Nice

Whilst in Nice I stayed in the [eafl id=”1987″ name=”Nice Aparthotel” text=”Aparthotel Adagio Access Nice Acropolis”]. It was the cheapest hotel option I could find that was central. It wasn’t the best – my biggest bugbear being that it used a hot water tank; so with two of us sharing there were a few times when we ran out. But, it was clean, comfortable, and had a fantastic bed.

There are Auto Bleu stations all over the city as well as VeloBleu (the bike version ./ Borris Bikes) stations around. I would advise you stay centrally in Nice and as close to the sea as possible, to ensure you can take advantage of all the major tourists opportunities without having to travel from the suburbs . Search for hotels here >