….is no easy task. You’ll need to see at least six different stamp-wielding border officials and wait around for at least three hours. Turkey by car is tricky, but well worth-while.
We entered from the Bulgarian town of Malko heading south towards Derekoy. For all borders you have to leave one country, and enter the other – these are two separate steps. When passing out of Bulgaria allow for around an hour. Entering Turkey you’ll need at least two hours as you’ll also need to get your green card – an insurance policy for your vehicle.

Entering Turkey by Car from Bulgaria – in five steps

1. Head to the Bulgarian border just past Malko – this bits easy you’ll just need to show your passport.

2. Pass next into no-mans land. You’ll drive for around 100 metres before hitting the queue into Turkey.

3. Window one and you’ll need to show your passport. You’ll all need to get out of the car. You’ll receive your first stamp here.

4. The second window is for your vehicle. You’ll need to show your V5 documentation or vehicle registration. It is at this point you’ll be asked about insurance. With standard UK and European road insurance you won’t be covered, and so will need to pay for this before entering Turkey by car.

5. Behind the control window is a small hut with flashing flights. Get your green card here. Their computers are unreliable and printers often don’t work – it took us an hour and a half to get ours! Pay no more than $80 for your Turkey green card.

6. Take your green card and V5 document to the second window. You’ll get a stamp in your passport.

7. Finally, head across the road to an ominous looking ,an with a small black stamp. He’ll give you the final seal of approval

Next, head into Turkey by car! It’s a tough process but well worth while. You can access some of the most stunning and lesser seen areas of Turkey by car, especially as your travel through the central strip of mountains and valleys. Keep an eye on your temperature gauge. Often you’ll be climbing for miles without even realising, and putting your car through its paces.