A hotel with reclining beds and free chocolate delivered to your door by a friendly porter is always going to be a winner. But, the [eafl id=”2053″ name=”Hotel Schweizerhof” text=”Hotel Schweizwerhof”] in Zurich is truly something else.

Greeted by a charming man in a red coat, the symbol of their logo, my bags were carried to the Hotel Schweizerhof and its grand marble reception. The building, dating back to 1867, is nothing less than impressive, and my welcome echoed this as I was met with wide smiles and staff ready to help. I was on the fourth floor, enjoying a newly renovated room, honest to its victorian heritage and dressed with fine wallpapers and velvet furnishings.

Hotel Schweizerhof REception

Bags dumped and it was time for a once over – hunting down the most-tasty of Lindt chocolate first, followed by finding out what buttons I could press, and testing the water-pressure of the shower. All passed with flying colours!

Before heading out to explore the sites of Zurich I jumped into bed for a rest after my long journey. I’d travelled by train from London to Zurich – easily accomplished in a single day – as part of a wider trip exploring Switzerland by train. A small button to the side raised either end of the bed, allowing for you to bespoke your perfect sleeping position. Regardless, deep comfy mattresses were enough to tempt me to settle down, but Zurich was calling.

As the sun dropped and Zurich’s townscape illuminated I prepared to leave Hotel Schweizerhof, but was stopped by a (very old) porter at my door. He was ancient – and with age came the most beautiful of sparkles in his eye and charm. Newspapers, sweets and chocolate decorated his trolley – a free choosing for all of the hotel’s guests.

The next morning I went back to the smiley reception staff and asked for directions. This 200+ room hotel is quite a maze! I was directed up to the top floor of the hotel, where large bay windows breathed in the morning light, and champagne glasses waited to be topped. The Hotel Schweizerhof offers both continental and full cooked breakfast and completely customised to your taste. Everything is cooked to order so your waiter will ask in detail how you’d like it. Juices flowed, the champagne bubbled and courses flowed. What a great start to the day.

Hotel Schweizerhof Review – 9/10

The Hotel Schweizerhof is a leap beyond its competition. The ambience is incredible and royal and it’s staff truly nail customer service. The rooms are clean and tidy, and beautifully presented, and its breakfast offering is second to none. It loses a single point for being a little pricey – but if your budget stretches – book it!

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Hotel Schweizerhof