It’s never going to be an exact science when comparing taking the train versus plane travel. You’ve got to consider where you’re first starting from. Do you need to drive to the airport for example, and whether your plane travel is direct or not. But, when looking at centre to centre travel, train travel trumps flying by about 30,000 feet!

Let’s also not forget the stress factor. No-one enjoys airports unless you’ve had a 19-hour flight and your craving your favourite fast-food chain delight. Train travel is much less stressful and enjoys the benefits of being able to work on the way, take calls, or simply admire the scenery.

Train Versus Plane: How Bad is it!

For many European destinations, the CO2 savings are way above 80%. Looking at the below 8 popular city destinations, the average CO2 emission reduction is 81% Planes also emit their emissions much higher up into the atmosphere where some studies suggest, they actually have a greater impact than being exhausted at ground level.

London to Brussels, the closest abroad destination by train, of course, tops the list in CO2 savings when comparing train versus plane – at a staggering 92% difference. But, even when travelling as far as Geneva, or Vienna , the impact your flight has compared to rail travel is staggering.

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These rough estimations from ( above are based on centre to centre travel (air including a small bit of city rail travel), and for rail has considered average load factor (normally crowded), and for flights take into account average value from typical aircraft types for European flights with average utilisation ratio; incl. arrival and departure as well as taxiing traffic on the airfield.

Regardless of whether these train versus plane figures are estimations or not (again, not an exact science) clearly the massive percentage savings should be considered.

Last year [eafl id=”2044″ name=”Expedia Trains” text=”Expedia”] opened up its platform to international rail bookings, noting the increasing trend and demand for train travel. Surely a sign! Whether it’s our consciousness of the environment, or just our desire to reduce stress – it can only be a good thing!

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