Ok folks – it’s time to show us the cash. Me and George are off on our drive to Mongolia very soon now and, whilst we’re doing it for the laughs, there’s also a serious cause behind the madness.

We’re raising money for Cool Earth, an awesome charity which focuses on preserving our natural environment and putting in place sustainable projects that protect our planet for the generations to come. This is partly the ethos behind the trip with regards to going in just a 1-litre car (meeting Judith here) – which we hope will run on fumes alone! Not up to date on our trip? Catch up – read the first blog here >

It doesn’t matter how much or how little you give. Every little bit counts. However….please consider the HUGE and SIZEABLE scale of the challenge we are undertaking, and donate accordingly.

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Not Convinced yet?

Ok, so you’re playing hard to get. That’s fine. We understand. Here are a few facts about the Mongol Rally that may help to change your mind.


Ok – so time to donate!

Click here to go to our Just Giving page >