Photography, specifically of landscapes and people, is something I am massively passionate about. Many of my photographs have been published in travel magazines, which for me is really just a perk. A good image is possibly one of the nicest memories of a destination you’ve visited or a moment in time you’ve experienced.

Take a look around at my galleries below for more examples of my photography work.


National Geographic Nomination
I’m excited to announce that my Rhino image, taken on a trip to Swaziland in 2014, has been shortlisted for the National Geographic Travel Photography of the year award under the category nature!

Swaziland Trip 2018
Having just returned from Swaziland, visiting at a totally different time of year, I’m slowly editing through the pictures I took. What’s different this time however though, is that many of my favourite images were taken on a drone, rather than my DSLR! The image here shows just on of these, looking over the Shewula mountains in the east of the country.