My travel articles have been inspired from almost every corner of the world – just South America to go! Some are long, some short, but all written based on the people I’ve met, the sights I’ve seen, and predicaments I’ve found myself in.

I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Please comment and share your thoughts with me!


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London to Istanbul, Week 1 – Mongol Rally

It started with a fanfare of horns, horrific outfits, and for us, choking on smoke grenades. 310 teams set off from Goodwood and, after an egg…

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D-Day Has Arrived – Mongol Rally 2017 Launch

So after a year of preparation, panic and pondering, the day on which we set off on our 10,000 mile drive to Mongolia has arrived. Over 300 teams are…

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The Hammock Test – One Week to Go!

Judith let out a prolonged fart as me and George gently squatted into our hammocks, slung from her boot-hinges and two prickly evergreens tightly…

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Train Versus Plane: Taking the Rails 81% better for planet to 8 Top European Destinations

It’s never going to be an exact science when comparing taking the train versus plane travel. You’ve got to consider where you’re first starting from.…

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Judith just got in with the Cool Kids at Nissan – Mongol Rally Update

So for both of us, getting the support of a sponsor for the Mongol Rally has never been a priority. Getting to Mongolia, alive, and with Judith, our…

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Hotel Schweizerhof breakfast

Hotel Schweizerhof Zurich Review

A hotel with reclining beds and free chocolate delivered to your door by a friendly porter is always going to be a winner. But, the [eafl id="2053"…

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Cheap Hotels or Pricey Hostel Rooms: A moments privacy please

Not quite ready to sleep among the masses in an eight, or even twelve-bed dorm yet? You’re not on your own. Even the most hardened of travellers…

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great wall of china

The Great Wall of China – a bucket list essential

The Great Wall of China cannot actually be seen from space – that’s completely fabricated. But, this 2,300-year-old, once 5,500 miles long neatly…

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Car hire in Nice: Get an AutoBleu

The Cote D’Azur region of southern France is a hotspot for Europeans seeking continental rays. Getting car hire in Nice, or even the surrounding…

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Weekend in Nice

A Weekend in Nice

For less that £100 I’d bagged myself a cheap spring weekend in Nice. The flights, just 1.5 hours and the airport a short bus journey from the centre;…

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How much do you ‘bet’ we’ll make it to Mongolia?

Ok folks – it’s time to show us the cash. Me and George are off on our drive to Mongolia very soon now and, whilst we’re doing it for the laughs,…

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Jonny and George stand besides their Mongol Rally Car

4 Things you need to know about Judith – our Mongol Rally car

Judith, formally owned by Doreen – an 86 year-old who only gave up the car she bought from new due to poor eyesight, is now owned by me and George…

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