My travel articles have been inspired from almost every corner of the world – just South America to go! Some are long, some short, but all written based on the people I’ve met, the sights I’ve seen, and predicaments I’ve found myself in.

I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Please comment and share your thoughts with me!


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View over Tallinn

From Tallinn with Love, Rataskaevu 16

A scribbled love note on a napkin was all it took. I was charmed. Three courses later and I was in love – with the delicious local food served up by…

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6 Top Hacks to turn your Smartphone into a Professional Camera

Having always used a Canon SLR, most recently the [eafl id="1739" name="Adobe lightroom" text="Canon 7d"], I've always been loyal to my SLR. However,…

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the busy Souks in Marrakech

Souks in Marrakech: Top Tips

One of Morocco’s warmest charms and memorable experiences is its vibrantly chaotic markets and stalls, and then don’t come much more chaotically…

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Pamir Highway Tajikistan Mongol Rally Route

Mongol Rally Route Confirmed

After almost six months of planning, we have now confirmed our Mongol Rally route - which will see us visit 21 countries in total. Living in the UK…

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India’s Golden Triangle: Delhi, Agra and Jaipur

Arjun smiled as he nodded to the four pasty Brits snuggled on a single mattress, swaying side to side with the movement of the train. With a slight…

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iPhone or SLR, the future of travel photography

80 million images are tweaked, enhanced, brightened and uploaded onto Instagram every day. For those of you a few decades behind – Instagram is all…

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Mutianyu great wall

Which part of the Great Wall of China to visit

For so many, choosing which part of the Great Wall of China isn’t particularly a consideration. It’s the Great Wall – it is what it is. But they’re…

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Noodles with Beef in Beijing

Prices in China: A Guide to Everyday Essentials

Like with all countries the larger cities tend to see higher prices that the smaller, less touristy destinations. Having spent time in Shanghai,…

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48 Hours in Shanghai

Turning off the high street, Google’s China unravelled. Winding alleyways shrouded with over hanging canopies, bright red lanterns waving in the…

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Tuk-Tuks in India, The 10 year curse

Tuk-tuks in India are perhaps one of the most common, and most enjoyable ways to get around the cities you visit. Taking numerous Tuk-tuks during my…

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Best time to visit India

India's weather varies extremely throughout the year, but February and March are considered the best time to visit India. Every guide will probably…

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Travel Deals this Black Friday

Black Friday is upon us. It's the time of year that the usually placid of folk see red, sumo wrestle for the most inched flat screen, 4k, 5k, LED,…

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