Having always used a Canon SLR, most recently the [eafl id=”1739″ name=”Adobe lightroom” text=”Canon 7d”], I’ve always been loyal to my SLR. However, as travel becomes more accessible for everyone, and the likes of Instagram and Facebook demand our constant uploads, lugging your SLR starts to become cumbersome. So, I’ve done a bit of research to find out how I can turn my Smartphone into a professional camera, or at least provided similar results. I own each and everyone one of the below recommendations (apart from the drone!), so they come to your first-hand.

Get some extra lenses!

The Olloclip allows your to literally ‘clip on’ new lenses for your camera. The wide angle fisheye is great for landscapes, cityscapes or even a cheeky selfie, and the macro lens is perfect for those close-ups of flowers!

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Get a Tripod – this is basic!

I recently purchased this myself and took it to Marrakech for 36 hours with me. It was great for a time-lapse video, a cheeky selfie or a really well composed imaged. It’s easy to carry and I kept my phone on it all day. You also don’t look like a retard carrying a selfie stick.

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Turn your smartphone into an SLR – with post-editing!

Facebook and Instagram filters are fine, but they can often really reduce the final quality of your image. An app such as Adobe’s Lightroom is a little more complicated, but can provide a much more powerful platform from which to edit your photos, directly within your smartphone.

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Bluetooth remote

If you still want to take a selfie but not a ‘retard-selfie’ as I call it, stick your camera on a small tripod and then set the camera off with a Bluetooth remote. Get the rest of the background in your picture (as that’s the good bit right?)

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Use a stabiliser

There’s probably no better way to turn your smartphone into a professional camera, or create professional looking videos, with a stabiliser (I’ve just ordered one). The weights at the bottom smooth out jolts as your move around and provided a gliding feel to your footage. Great to use with a real SLR as well!

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Fly your iPhone

Ok so now we’re getting a bit extreme but unless you have a couple of thousand knocking around you’ll struggle to attached your heavy SLR to a drone! This is probably one big plus point when deciding on using your phone or SLR.

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