Traveling with work (not this work – the proper job) I needed a quick and easy hotel option in Finland’s capital. Jumping on the typically Scandinavia-efficient U train, pulling in at Central Station, I took a 15-minute walk to the [eafl id=”1689″ name=”Forenam Aparthotel Helsinki” text=”Forenom Aparthotel”] in Helsinki.

When faced with the vast majority of hotels in the city charging over £125 per night, with few ‘slightly-out-of-town’ options available as well, the Forenom Aparthotel in Helsinki seemed a logical choice.

Helsinki itself is a great city. A constant winter-crisp air is warmed by blue and golden skies, as the city basks in calmness. Commuters wait for the green man. Drivers pleasantly smile at those who slightly overstep the curb, and shop-shutters roll up freshly greased sliders without a sound. This is a land of order, grace, of fine pace and urban sophistication.

outside view of the Forenom ApartHotel in Helsinki

But let me talk about the Forenom Aparthotel in Helsinki specifically. I was an Aparthotel virgin. In no way prude I usually stay in either a hotel, or a hostel. It always seems to be a really nice hotel or a really dingy hostel that I stay in – there’s often very little in between.

My code – 67380. That was my key. Forget that and I’d wave goodbye to a bed that evening.

Walking through downtown Helsinki around 10pm everywhere was shut. Only the illuminated banner slithering up the side of the aparthotel showed me the way. I entered my code into the door and as if I wasn’t expecting it, the doors unlocked.

corridor-forenomI began to smile as I lifted my head up to greet the welcoming staff – of which there was none. A counter, yes. People, no. So, I took the lift to the sixth floor – my room being 610 I thought this was logical. The lift halted and there I was faced with another door. I had only one code, so I tried it again, and bingo.

I carried on down the corridor as LED lights lit the way just a second or so behind my step – Scandinavia efficiency of course. Entering the room, it smelt fresh. There was no one no else in there!

From the time of booking I had always compared this stay to a night in a hotel, completely unfairly. In my room I had an en-suite, two single beds – just in case I fancied a change half-way through the night. And, the room also included a TV, wifi, an Iron and coat hangers. More than some 4* hotels have to offer!

room at the Forenom Aparthotel in Helsinki

For £65 for the night, when the next best option is a hotel charging £120, this little gem of an Aparthotel in Helsinki did the job without issue. Maybe I was lucky, but I’d definitely give these mid-way accommodation options a go in the future – even if it is a little new-fangled for my taste!

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