So after a year of preparation, panic and pondering, the day on which we set off on our 10,000 mile drive to Mongolia has arrived.

Over 300 teams are embarking on the journey this year, more than ever before. From 18 to 80, the age range is vast, and the characters we’ve met in just the last few months alone tell us that this adventure will be far from ordinary.

Our team, originally just me and George, has been made complete by camera-lady Alex who will be capturing the entire journey on film. We’ll know more once we get back but it’s likely the rally footage will be made into a six part documentary – with us as the stars!

Massive thanks to the fantastic David at Nissan Retail Group who’s lovingly cared for Judith on a daily basis at their garages in West London. Over the last week he’s be frantically bolting on new break pads, topping up liquids and fixing on our roof rack and box. He’s been a brilliant help and we wish we would take him with us.

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Watch this space!