I’ve travelled to some truly diverse and inspiring places and met people along the way who without hesitation, I would consider to have changed my life – for the good, better and worse. I’ve driven 1500km across Australia with an awesome nutter from South London , met a guy from Malawi blind in one eye, but with more hope than many of us, and spent random nights in Sri Lanka with Expats who seem to be living the dream.

The point here is that life is a series of moments and memories – and this is one of my finest. Out in Swaziland with work, I got talking to one of the guides. They promised me that Swaziland’s people have the best voices in the world. I made it a challenge, and within 3 hours we had strolled into St Francis school where an impromptu performance awaited.

It was the first time I’d filmed on my Canon 7D – and I set up my go pro as well. It’s shoddy filming and audio but I hope just some of the goose bumps I experienced come across as you hear Swaziland’s beautfiul voice coming through!

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